Licence ER#822179

About Us

Battle Group Talent represents performers in the film industry who specialize in police, military, S.W.A.T./ERT, and tactical unit maneuvers.  Our roster consists of individuals who have military experience and/or have been trained by law enforcement specialists. Battle Group Talent is the greatest source in the BC film industry  of performers who have been trained in safe weapons use on set.  For productions requiring uniformed cops at a crime scene, tactical units clearing a building, detectives in a police bullpen, or soldiers advancing on the enemy's position, Battle Group has the talent to make it look authentic. 


For Performers

Battle Group Talent  provides the small agency advantage. We limit our rosters size to insure we represent reliable, dedicated performers and we represent them really well.    Our roster is a tight knit group of individuals that train together regularly.  We maintain close relationships with film industry professionals such as armorers, stunt coordinators and technical advisers to increase opportunities for our performers.  The mentorship and camaraderie found within the ranks of Battle Group Talent is unparalleled in the industry.  

For Casting Directors

Battle Group Talent provides a roster of performers that are professional and exhibit proper set etiquette. Our talent is trained and experienced in accurate uniform presentation, safe handling and firing of  weapons on set, tactical movement/signals along with many other skills.  We represent Union of BC Performers, apprentice members and non-union performers. Our roster consists of performers experienced in tech advising, military vehicle (Humvee,  Transport Truck, etc) operation,  use of force/handcuffing, picture car driving and so on. And yes, our performers can bring their own boots.